Archive: Consumers being choosey with Cheddar

Published 17 December 14

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Data from Kantar Worldpanel and IGD has shown that consumers are increasingly looking for value in their grocery shop. The data shows that they are switching to different retailers and types of product in order to find this value. This may explain interesting changes in the recent Cheddar market data.

The total Cheddar market was generally flat in the 52 weeks to 9 Nov with spend increasing by 2.2% and volume declining by 1.6%. However, there are significant differences in the volume data for different types of Cheddar. Sales volumes of extra mature and medium Cheddars have fallen away by nearly 10%, while mature and mild Cheddars have grown by roughly 5%.

Consumers looking for value may have been put off by the price of extra mature Cheddar, which is on average 38p/kg more expensive than mature Cheddar. Also, regular buyers of medium Cheddar may have been tempted to switch to buying mild Cheddar, saving a useful 75p/kg.

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