Archive: 111% increase in followers on @thisisdairy

Published 4 December 14

This page has been archived and no longer updated. more info

DairyCo works to reach out and engage the public as part of its brief to improve the image of dairy farming. This is an important undertaking, as it helps people to better understand and appreciate the effort which goes into producing delicious dairy products. With the help of dairy farmers, DairyCo uses the full range of media including print, broadcast, websites and social media, such as twitter, to get consumer focussed messages across. 

Since April 2014 DairyCo’s twitter campaign to help the public learn and understand more about dairy farming has seen a 111% increase in followers to @thisisdairy. Helping the public to #DiscoverDairy. 

To find out more about #DiscoverDairy and how you can get involved, visit the talking to the public section of the website. Or sign up to the e-update ‘Moos in the News’ to keep you in the loop about all that’s going on with our public facing work.