Can opportunities for growth deliver on Scotland’s 2025 ambition?

Published 12 November 13

Scotland has firmly set out its vision for growing its dairy industry – but what are the practicalities of delivering on this ambition? The prospects for dairy market growth will be examined by senior AHDB DairyCo analyst Patty Clayton at a special seminar at AgriScot on 20 November.

“It is clear there are significant opportunities to support Scotland’s ambition to increase milk production by 50% by 2025,” says Mrs Clayton. “What we now have to examine in more detail is how they can be exploited.

DairyCo’s Export Opportunities report, published last year, indicates that growing exports of high value-added products holds more potential for the UK than trying to compete on the volume commodity market. 

“It particularly identified opportunities to export specialist products such as butters and cheeses to the EU and Russia. China is a popular market, but the current successful players have been in there for years, developing a strategic presence.  It shouldn’t be ruled out, but there are plenty of other openings.”

Mrs Clayton says that making sure these markets can be supplied is another important part of the equation. “Scotland’s dairy industry needs to clear about who its competitors are for these markets, what their advantages are – and where we can do better. Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects will be remaining competitive throughout the whole supply chain.”

Hear more about this topic at Mrs Clayton’s seminar ‘Dairy Markets – our opportunities for growth’ at AgriScot on 20 November in the Upper Foyer at 2.30pm. More about this event >>

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