Community Relations

Published 19 December 12

road sweeper

With farming increasingly under public scrutiny, one of the most common relationship 'deal-breakers' between farms and their neighbours is dirt on the roads, whether from cows crossing, maize harvesting or slurry spreading. Tosten Zahn from Suderholz in East Germany farms 4,300ha with four business partners. He claims that the best investment he's ever made is the 72,000€ spent on a 'Kehrmaschine' road sweeper from Kärcher.  "In good weather we need it once a fortnight but when it's raining we use it all the time.  People might choose to live in the countryside but they don't want dirty cars!"  Self-propelled machines are expensive but there's a thriving second-hand market in the UK.  One of the biggest benefits, says Torsten, is that a self-propelled machine is highly visible - neighbours can see you making the effort!