#DISCOVERDAIRY consumer campaign off to sterling start!

Published 27 August 13

#discoverdairy storify

The first ever #DiscoverDairy Friday kicked off over Twitter on 9 August after farm consultant and tweeter Sam Evans had the bright idea that dairy farmers might like to tweet cow facts to help promote the new ‘Discover Dairy’ films on DairyCo’s consumer-facing website www.thisisdairyfarming.com.

The series of online films, starring popular Countryfile presenter and farmer Adam Henson, deliver on DairyCo’s long held recognition that the true value of dairy farming needs to be promoted to connect the public with all that is great about the industry. 

The films being promoted include one where Adam discovers the life of dairy cows – covering questions such as whether cows sleep standing up and if they have their own social circles. Other films look at the journey milk makes from farm to fridge and answers children’s quirky questions about cows and farming; one even provides a unique 90-second insight into a cow’s life – filmed from her own perspective.

Using social media platform Twitter and the hashtag theme ‘#DiscoverDairy’, farmers and others in the industry created and retweeted (forwarded on to others) almost 700 cow facts from first thing on the Friday morning.  Around 420 different people in total took part, sending messages that had the potential to appear on 812,000 different users pages.

So #DiscoverDairy Friday really got the campaign into the public eye with tweets to capture the hearts and minds of those further away from lives of dairy farmers…

As well as the www.thisisdairyfarming.com website, the Discover Dairy films are also available through DairyCo’s own ‘Moovie’ channel on YouTube, and are being promoted through a focused social media programme and PR activity. Meanwhile DairyCo is continuing to use website Food a Fact of Life to deliver resources for teachers to use with both primary and secondary school children.

To find out more about Discover Dairy and how farmers can get involved, visit: www.dairyco.org.uk/talking-to-the-public.