How important is communication? Here’s what big business says…

Published 7 December 15

The 2013 ‘The high cost of low performance: The essential role of communications study’ from the Project Management Institute reported that almost 8% of a business’ investment in a project is at risk from poor communication with employees, influencers and customers. 

The Forbes Insights 2010 study ‘Adapting Corporate Strategy to the Changing Economy’ found that nine out of 10 CEOs believe communications is critical to the success of their strategic initiatives. 

A PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC (PwC) survey on the current state of project management reveals that, according to executives, effective communication is associated with a 17% increase in finishing projects within budget. 

The Towers Watson 2011-2012 ‘Change and Communication ROI Study Report’ shows that companies that have highly effective communications practices are 1.7 times more likely to outperform peer organisations financially.