GB & UK Daily Milk Deliveries

Published 19 January 18

Two weeks ago, Defra revised their official monthly UK and GB milk deliveries statistics from January through to October 2017. As a result, cumulative production for 2017/18 (April to November) is now officially put at 9,890m litres.

The UK and GB figures were scaled last week. Historically we have weighted the numbers each month using the official Defra statistics. However, given recent changes, AHDB is now using a level of judgment when undertaking this weighting to avoid significant month-on-month variations that cannot be explained. As a result, the totals for some months will no longer match the official Defra statistics for that month. 

GB milk deliveries have decreased for the week ending 13th January 2018, with a week-on-week reduction of 0.3%. Deliveries are now running 0.2% above the same week last year equivalent to approximately 0.1m litres a day.


   Daily deliveries table

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 UK & GB Daily Milk Deliveries

Source: AHDB, RPA, Defra, DAERA 


Figures are collated by AHDB Dairy from many of the larger UK dairy companies and are then scaled to reflect 100% of deliveries using the latest Defra UK production figures. Figures are collected on a weekly basis from dairies and may include some estimates which are subject to retrospective changes

Week-on-week changes are adjusted to negate the impact of every other day collection, which can lead to day-to-day swings in the volume of milk collected.