World Wholesale Report

Published 9 April 18

Price developments in wholesale markets varied in March, across product categories and key regions. Markets have remained strong in the US, where demand continues to support increased production. Meanwhile, prices have drifted down in Oceania and, with the exception of SMP, remained relatively stable in the EU.

EU markets have seen some firming as demand rallied. The arrival of the asparagus season brought buyers back to the butter market, as did a shift in expectations over supplies leading traders to secure forward cover. There was also a small increase in the average price for WMP compared to February. SMP prices continued their decline however, which is unlikely to change while intervention stocks remain.

Demand for dairy products is reported to be firm in the US, which is keeping prices moving up despite the continued rise in milk production. As elsewhere in the world, SMP prices weakened further.

In Oceania markets, prices dropped across the board. This has been put down to reduced concerns over milk production in New Zealand along with increased competition from suppliers to secure sales.

World Wholesale Table