EU Wholesale Prices

Published 9 January 18

December saw further reductions in prices for most dairy products on wholesale markets, a typical situation for the time of year, and a reaction to increasing milk production across most of Europe. The end to increased buying to support holiday demand, combined with a slowdown in forward contracting as buyers anticipate lower prices in the new year, have served to put pressure on commodity markets.

EU butter prices fell further in December but are still high in relation to where they started the year.  The end to the uplift in demand due to the holidays has seen retail buying slow down. Forward contracting is also subdued as buyers await more information on price direction in the new year.

Milk powder prices continue to fall on the back of ample supplies. Cheese prices also fell on average, with all product types seeing lower values except Emmental, which rose marginally in December. 

EU Wholesale Table

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EU_wholesale _graph

Please note that prices can vary markedly within each market sector: the prices above are intended to give a guide to trends in price changes, but the absolute values experienced in the market place may differ from those shown.