EU Wholesale Prices

Published 9 April 18

European wholesale markets remained firm in March, possibly supported by the impact of the unseasonably cold weather on milk deliveries and market sentiment.

Butter prices rose the most, moving up 6.5% between February and March. The beginning of the asparagus season is credited with pushing some of this increase, although it is likely that traders looking to secure forward cover have also bumped up demand.

Unsurprisingly, skim milk powder prices continue their downward trend, with prices dropping by 4% from February. Whole milk powder prices meanwhile firmed in March, as did whey powder prices. WMP buyers are said to be tentative in purchasing forward cover, in anticipation of some discounting as the season progresses, although sellers are reported to be firm in their pricing.

The average cheese price remained relatively stable in March, with small increases in Cheddar and Edam prices counteracting small declines in prices for Gouda and Emmental.

 EU Wholesale Table

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