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Milk Price Calculator

Welcome to the AHDB Dairy Milk Price Calculator (MPC). The calculator can be used to help you achieve the best milk price possible. By inputting farm-specific data, it provides a way to see where changes can be made to improve the milk price on your current contract.

It also allows for a comparison of prices across a range of contracts, either based on your own specific milk profile or the AHDB Dairy standard litre (see milk composition details below).

This can be used in conjunction with the Milk Forecasting Calculator to see how changes to herd size, yields or calving patterns will impact your business.

It also allows for a comparison of milk prices paid across a range of contracts based on your own farm specific data or the AHDB Dairy standard litre.

If you are new to the MPC, watch our short video or download the instructions above. A FAQ’s document, including definition of terms and some common questions and answers, can be found by clicking on the relevant link above.

AHDB has updated its standard litre to reflect changes in milk production in recent years. This change was implemented for the April 2018 League Table. The previous standard litre was based on average UK production in the 3 years to 2015/16 but this has now been updated to cover the 3 year period to 2017/18. Butterfat and protein levels have been increasing in recent times and the new values are 0.04 and 0.03 percentage points higher, respectively with slight improvements to SCC and bactoscan levels. It has also been decided to fix all four monthly constituents (butterfat, protein, SCC and bactoscan) for easier comparison. The only variable changing each month is the volume, which reflects the seasonality of milk production.



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For technical help or to report issues with the Milk Price Calculator, email Datum or call 024 7647 8847

Milk contracts are provided to AHDB on a voluntary basis. If you would like to see your milk contract in the AHDB Milk Price Calculator, please contact your milk buyer to request their inclusion. All contract information provided to AHDB is treated in the strictest confidence and is not shared outside of AHDB.


AHDB Dairy report milk prices paid to producers on a selection of contracts, along with information on past and future announced price changes.

The AHDB Dairy League Table can be obtained using the MPC and choosing the AHDB Dairy League Table option.

Information on past and future announced price changes for these contracts is available here.

The monthly commentary on the latest published milk prices and announced changes is available here.

For help using the calculator or to report issues with the Milk Price Calculator, email or call 024 7647 8847