Milk and cream market

Published 17 December 18

 In the 52 weeks to 09 September 2018

  • Spend on milk was up 4.9% in the year to 9 September 2018. This was mostly driven by higher prices with volume up 0.2%.
  • The top 4 multiples continue to sell the majority of milk (61.9% of volume). However, the volume sold by the hard discounters is up 4.3% year on year, while the volume sold by the top 4 multiples is down 1.5%.
  • The average price of cream went up by 13.1% in the year to 9 September 2018, to £2.88/litre. This drove spending up by 12.0% and the volume sold fell by 1.0%. Double cream dominates, making up 47% of volumes sold. 

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For more information on other milk sales (such as Organic and Doorstep Deliveries), please see the documents in ‘Related publications’.

Please note that liquid milk data were reweighted by Kantar Worldpanel in March 2016 and differ from previous updates. This also impacts historical data. For further information please contact us.