Butter retail market

Published 29 May 19

In the 52 weeks ending 21 April 2019:

  • The total volume of block butter sold is down from the year before, however spend has increased by 7%. The rise in spend is driven by an 8% rise in the average price per kilo
  • Meanwhile, most other fats have seen a decline in sale volumes, apart from dairy spread (+3.3%) and functional products (+5.8%)
  • Branded products have the majority share in sales of spreadable, dairy spread, cooking & baking and functional products. For block butter, private label holds the majority of sales
  • Hard discounters have eaten into the top 4 multiples’ share of butter products sales, now accounting for just over 14% of volumes sold, up from 13% in the 52 weeks ending 22 April 2018

Butter Retail Market 1 21.04.19

Butter Retail Market 2 21.04.19


Note: Yellow fats includes the following:

Block butter: Block butter accounts for all butter which is fully based on milk fats
Spreadable: Products that include dairy butter, mixed with some oil to make it more spreadable
Dairy spreads: Products made from processed oil, for example margarine
Functional: Similar to dairy spreads, however have added properties such as being dairy free or cholesterol lowering
Cooking + Baking: Products specifically designed for baking and cooking purposes