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Key statisticsValuePercentage ChangesNext update
(Week Commencing)
UK Cream Wholesale Price - Apr 2019 £1,500/tonne -0.7% (mom) 27/05/2019
AMPE - Apr 2019 27.8ppl -1.6% (mom) 27/05/2019
MCVE - Apr 2019 30.6ppl -0.8% (mom) 27/05/2019
Cream Income to a Liquid Processor - Mar 2019 8.41ppl -6.4% (mom) 27/05/2019
UK Monthly Farmgate Prices - Mar 2019 28.94ppl -1.4% (mom) 30/05/2019
Monthly Fuel Tracker - UK Red Diesel - Apr 2019 63.99ppl +3.0% (mom) 04/06/2019
UK Monthly Milk Production - Mar 2018 1,329m litres 4.8(yoy) 07/06/2019
  • (mom) = month-on-month-comparison
  • (yoy) = year-on-year-comparison

Interactive milk price calculator

The AHDB Dairy Interactive Milk Price Calculator has been created as an online tool to assist farmers in achieving the best milk price possible. By inputting your own data it is possible to produce a calculation specific to your dairy farming business

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Dairy Market Update

Latest News & Analysis

  • Dairy market outlook

    Milk production is expected to slow from its current high levels later this year as yields drop. There are some signals of lower pricing on the UK market, although limited supply growth elsewhere in the world should help to support world market prices. Access to export markets will be important in determining how much pressure there will be on domestic prices. 16 May 2019
  • March births by dairy dam highest on record

    Births to a dairy dam during Q1 have increased by 2% on the year. The bad weather last spring meant cows were fed more concentrate feed than usual and so were in a good physical condition when served, which supported fertility and conception rates. 13 May 2019
  • Top autumn calvers avoid purchased forage cost rise

    The most profitable autumn calving herds spent 1.1ppl less on purchased forage than the bottom performing herds in 2017/18. This accounted for a large portion of the 2.1pp difference in total feed and forage costs between the top and bottom 25% of farms. 8 May 2019
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