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Content Care: Archive Content

The AHDB manages its online content archive with care. We are dedicated to providing access to up to date digital content and maintaining a good user experience across our websites that includes and access to a vast amount of content stretching back over years of AHDB output, from press and news articles to reports, tools, best practice and more.

However, maintaining access to that archive is different to maintaining the content itself, which means that much of the archive is, in effect, a snapshot of the time: we do not update the content any more.

In those cases, we’ve clearly labelled on the page warning this is the case, and users should be aware that the information provided on these pages may be out of date, or otherwise inaccurate due to the passage of time.

The date you see in the page will usually be the last-published date our systems hold. On some occasions, that date will not reflect when the actual content changed - for instance, where all or part of the page has content is updated by automated systems which might still be running (or continued running after the final publication date).


These pages are not deleted because, often, they still have value - either as a piece of content that’s of continuing use, or because the information they contain might be of historical interest later. It also may be the case that users have bookmarked or shared those pages and we don’t want to break those links.

For technical or other reasons, it may also be that some pages are incomplete, or some kinds of content no longer function. Again, to maintain as much of the archive as possible, we have chosen to leave these partially-complete pages online.

Normally, we don’t delete content unless it presents a risk of causing harm or damage today. In general, once a piece of content is published on it should stay there, and we’re committed to making sure it remains available for generations to come.