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There are many problems in the world that we should all help to resolve even if it happens hundreds or thousands of miles away, or where you live in Wales. How do you become a global citizen? You need to develop a human conscience and make judgments about the issues that matter and the type of world you want to live in. Being a global citizen gives you the power to bring about positive change to make this world a better place.

These Teaching and Learning materials develop students’ requisite skills as they investigate Sustainable Food Production on a global level. The materials consist of three Activity Books:

Activity Book 1 – Developing a Personal Standpoint

Activity Book 2 – Raising Awareness

Activity Book 3 – Personal Review

Download the Activity Books

Lawrlwytho’r Llyfrau Gweithgaredd

Once students have completed the activities, they should be ready to use the Challenge Books and apply what they have learned to the controlled assessment.

Challenge Task Assessment - Personal standpoin

Challenge Task Assessment - Raising awareness

Challenge Task Assessment - Personal review

Download the Challenge Task Assessments

Lawrlwytho Asesiadau’r Tasgau Her

The Challenge Books focus on Sustainable Farming in Wales and are supported by two sets of Sources, one aimed at Level 1 and the other at Level 2 students.

Level 1

Source 1AB
Source 2A
Source 3A
Source 4A

Level 2

Source 1AB
Source 2B
Source 3B
Source 4B

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Lawrlwytho’r Ffynonellau

There is also a Teacher Guide, which gives advice as to how best to deliver the materials.

Download the Teacher Guide (Overview)

Lawrlwytho Canllawiau’r Athro (Trosolwg)

All the teaching and learning materials have been approved by the WJEC.