Planning for Profit Workshop

Cymraeg Welsh

Planning for profit

Making plans for the future is often difficult especially when you're also trying to keep up with all the day to day tasks involved with running a farm.

DairyCo have created a workshop that looks at business planning in order to help farmers make decisions about how to take their businesses forward.

The Planning for Profit two day residential workshop gives farmers the chance to work through the financial and management ramifications of different scenarios for their business, with the help of specialist consultants and the input of other producers with a huge amount of experience and ideas.

The workshop is free for Welsh dairy farmers through the 'Improving the Welsh Dairy Supply Chain' project. A deposit is required on booking a place, but this is returnable on your attendance.

To find out when a Planning for Profit workshop is being held near you contact Louise Thomas on 07530 174843.


Planning for Profit Workshop - 22nd January at a venue to be confirmed. More info here.

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