Impact Groups

Cymraeg Welsh

These impact groups aim to address issues within the supply chain.

The groups will deal with issues such as:  

  • Somatic cell count 
  • A specific milk tanker run that requires high protein milk for specific dairy products
  • A specific disease problem such as Johne's disease or lameness.

This support is available to Welsh dairy farmers throughout Wales. Within the module there is support and assistance available annually for 12 impact groups and they will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Once a topic has been agreed an impact group will be established. Once established, the groups will be entitled to support; be it for speakers, demonstration projects or case study visits.

Group meetings can vary between informative theoretical meetings with expert speakers or on farm practical sessions.

To register for a workshop or for more information please contact Dafydd Thomas on 01554 748592 or by email

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